Steamed buns

Continuing on our quest for success with dough-wrapped food adventures, this week we took on the challenge of Chinese steamed buns. It was, we are happy to report, yet another success… and less challenging than the ravioli and samosas. We followed a recipe from Food52 for steamed pork buns and got solid youtube advice on how to wrap them up from Yi Reservation. We also made a sweet red bean paste filling (which made Meghan became enamored with via her former Taiwanese roommate, Alice) for some more dessert-like buns. The buns were a big hit at movie night!

Making the bun dough:IMG_2070.JPG

Red bean filling:IMG_0233.JPG

Pork filling:IMG_2077.JPG

Steaming on the stove top:IMG_2081.JPG

Finished product!IMG_2082.JPG

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